Feel Good Friday

It’s Feel-Good Friday!  

You may have had a long and tiring week at work or managing time with your children but now that Friday is here, it’s time to boost your energy, let your hair down and get ready for the weekend, as you deserve to relax and have some down time!  

Here are some ways you could embrace some of that feel-good energy:  

  • EXERCISE! – A home workout is one way to boost your energy levels! Head over to YouTube for some great ones. Or go for a walk. 
  • SING – Listen to your favourite song or join a local choir!  
  • DANCE – If you have to cook tonight, maybe you could stick the radio on and dance in the kitchen?!  
  • Make time for your HOBBIES – Take time away from your work/studies to do something relaxing this weekend that you enjoy. Such as reading, painting, art work, playing football, badminton, tennis, crafting, netball, hockey.  
  • Can you curl up with a book and a steaming tea / coffee? Can you go to a charity or car boot sale and pick up a bargain.  
  • Can you watch a film or go to the cinema? 
  • Do what you love, and this will help improve your well-being and give you a boost.  

In the spirit of World Wellbeing Week, take some time tonight to do something wonderful that will make you happy!