My name is Sarah O’Sullivan, I am the founder of ‘One 2 One You matter’. I am a qualified and registered nurse in paediatrics and sick children (‘RSCN’, registered with the ‘NMC’). I took further academic studies to continue to be researched based to support young people in our local community, completing a ‘BSc (Hons)’ in ‘Specialist Community public health nursing’ (specialising in ‘School Nursing’) and gained a 2:1 degree.

I have over 20 years experience in the field of health, well-being, Education and Social Care. Having previous roles in mentoring others, coaching people, nursing young people, safeguarding vulnerable groups in society and collaboratively working with Police, Social Services, Families and Education to protect the needs of vulnerable young people and adults. This involved provision of health education, Safeguarding training, teaching, small group work, 1:1 support, counselling, care planning, NHS projects, aiming to improve services for all. I am a reflective, research based practitioner, that is dedicated to delivery of a service that is robust, culturally sensitive , non- judgemental and confidential.

I have further qualifications respiratory medicine and in ‘Cognitive Behaviour Therapy’- Registering as an ‘accredited CBT Therapist’ with the ‘BABCP’ and can work with adults and young people.

Therefore, I have a wide perspective on Health, Education and Social Care to help you by :

1. Goal setting for now and future.

2. Helping you to reach your full potential in life

3. By offering you mentoring, Coaching, counselling or consultancy to  you to help you to process trauma, pain, anxiety, depression and provide strategies to help you in areas that trouble you. Starting with where YOU feel comfortable.

4. To reduce the stigma of mental health in Schools and communities and help you to have ‘difficult conversations’ with work colleagues, friends and families.

5. To support you to function in a different way in work and socially, so you feel in a better space to deal with life’s ups and downs.

6. To empower you to reconnect with others

7. To enrich you and to encourage you to reconnect with yourself and your hobbies.

8. to provide a secure, confidential space for you to grow, discuss your concerns and create a way forward for you, with strategies that can help you to move forward.

YOU MATTER to me and in SOCIETY – Get in touch.

Let ‘One 2 One You Matter’ Mental Health service, support you, where you are at right now, to reach your goals and full potential.