Did you know that 45% of adults feel lonely in England, during their lives? This is the equivalent of 25 million people in the UK alone.

‘Loneliness’ Is not just an unpleasant feeling, but one that impacts on people’s well-being greatly and something we can all relate to in different forms.

For example, the effects of the lockdown, working from home, not socialising with friends and family, low incomes, financial strains and bereavements, have led to many mental health difficulties in the UK with fears and isolation. People have not been able to access the things that usually help them to feel well, or give them peace.

At ‘One 2 One, You Matter’, we want to help prevent loneliness and raise awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental well- being, such as social anxiety, generalized anxiety, low mood and clinical depression.

Therefore, as ‘Loneliness awareness week’, is well under way, we encourage you to reach out to your loved ones, ring or text a friend or visit them for an hour or so, to see how they are. You never know how much someone may appreciate it. 😊

Let’s help prevent loneliness together!

‘You’, ‘We’ and ‘I matter’.