What We Do

One 2 One You Matter – Mental health service supports young people in schools and in their community and supports adults too. The service is a non- judgemental, aiming to be accessible to all and adaptions can be made if someone has a disability if required. 

One 2 One service offers:

  1. Support in Primary and Secondary schools
  2. Support to parents
  3. Support to School staff, Senior Leadership Team and administration staff
  4. Counselling or mentoring 1:1 with pupils and adults
  5. Coaching 1:1 for pupils and adults
  6. Group support for identified people
  7. Training consultation for local corporate businesses
  8. Training to local schools / communities’ pupils
  9. Training to staff on INSET days

Working with teachers, churches, GPs and our local community to improve mental health for all. 

Approaches used:

Cognitive Behaviour Approach:

Is the most  research- based Therapy and widely used as the preferred choice to support common mental health problems. This approach is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) who have developed guidelines used by general practice and mental health teams to support individuals with individual mental health problems. This approach is used by One 2 One You Matter Mental Health service and adapted when working with children, young adults or for people with learning needs / disabilities. 

CBT is a talking therapy and supports common mental health difficulties such as, anxiety, depression, social anxiety, health anxiety, OCD, trauma to name a few, but can also support chronic pain and specific phobias and help in anger management, stress and improve coping skills.

CBT is a collaborative approach where goals will be set together, to learn the best ways in which to help you to improve your lifestyle and choices or your copying skills in life.

The sessions are weekly, or fortnightly and time limited sessions in 6 – 20 sessions, depending on your individual needs and assessment. 

 The sessions will be 50 mins each. 

There will be an initial assessment which will be charged separately. 

Solution Focused Approach:

This approach was developed in the 1980s by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. After years of studying problem based behaviour, it was considered to research into solution focused behaviour. Seeing the person as an individual, with their own ideas, needs, desires and solutions within themselves to solving their problems. This approach focuses on the values of a person, the goals in which you wish to reach and therefore ‘ one 2 one ‘ aims to work alongside you to find answers to your problems, to enable and empower you. This approach supports choices and movement forward, identifying problems that stop you reaching your goals. 

Solution focused practitioners in One 2 One You Matter – May ask many questions during your therapy, which include asking you what your life may look like if your problem was solved. Collaboratively, you are then able to make wise choices, reach your goals and start problem solving. This unfolds throughout therapy and brings clarity for you in your life. You are an individual with your own views on your future and what you need and desire. 

Each session is 50 minutes long. 

Coaching Approach:

One 2 One You Matter mental health service also uses a coaching approach. This motivates individuals to reach their specific, measured, achievable, realistic, timebound (S>M>A>R>T) goals. Supporting you to overcome challenges, problem solving to increase your performance, innovation, creativity and clarity whether that be in work goals or in your personal achievements, such as losing weight, competing in a physical exercise competition, or learning a new skill as some examples. 

Coaching explores emotional, relational, intellectual dimensions as to why you may not be reaching targets, or achieving your goals and tasks. One 2 One You Matter – aims to work with you to empower you and discover the underlining dynamics that may have led you to not achieve your goals. This can be individually delivered or in a team, to improve communication, outcomes for yourself or your team. 

This approach enables you to grow, change, adapt to challenging environments.

Providing you with greater confidence to tackle problems and building a greater capacity  for you to manage uncertainty and contain anxiety and move forward to reach your goals and aspirations and support you to reflect and grow. 

Each session will be 50 mins for 6- 20 sessions and can be extended to longer term coaching if required over 6 months or 1 year. If you would like further information about our services, then please contact Sarah via SMS text on 07407 473735 or via email to: [email protected] or via the link on this website.