Warning Signs of Bullying

Maybe these tips may help you, when trying to identify patterns of bullying or helping your loved one in distress:

  1. Notice changes in their mood i.e. anger, withdrawn, irritable, quiet.
  2. Notice and discuss unexplainable injuries
  3. Notice frequency of headaches, stomach aches, physical symptoms such as nausea.
  4. Observe patterns of avoidance in attending school, work or social events.
  5. Observe and note any changes to eating habits i.e. over eating, or not wishing to eat.
  6. Observe and notice changes to sleep patterns and any nightmares
  7. Notice negative thinking and the person demonstrating self loathing, or low self esteem or sadness, hopelessness and de-motivated.

Hope this helps you identify some of many signs of bullying, in my awareness section this week. Have you been bullied?

How did it make you feel?

Sending love to all.?

Bullying Awareness Week

It was Bullying awareness last week. However, I purposefully chose to respond to it this week, as bullying happens all the time and NEEDS TO STOP.

I wanted to highlight Bullying, as a topic for discussion. Please feel free to add your comments.

Bullying in the workplace / school and our community is not cool and needs to change:

Staff absence costs at least £2.4 billion per year – that’s £1 for every £40 of the total budget. A huge proportion of staff illness absence is attributed to stress or stress- related illnesses and bullying at work.

Often unknown about the stressed caused, is from senior Leadership team towards their staff. This is across Health, Education and Social care teams and in our schools and local communities.

Bullying affects our mental health for adults and children. Resulting for some people in:

  • low self-esteem
  • low confidence
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fear of people / social anxiety
  • poor concentration
  • low mood
  • suicide ideation / self harm

Bullying can happen anywhere i.e. online, in the workplace, in school life, tutors, parents and even sadly from spiritual leaders.

I will be providing some more information about bullying in my stories / blog over the next 2 weeks.

What do you feel about Bullying?

Have you experienced bullying?

What was the impact on your mental health?

I would love to hear from you. YOU MATTER. x

Email: [email protected]