“Hi Sarah,

I think she’s ready too. She’s made amazing progress the past few months and I think both Alice and myself have learned a lot. She is only very rarely using her calm box now and her morning/evening routines flow beautifully now in comparison to how they were when we first started sessions. Her confidence is soaring and she is all around so much happier  :). I think that she has learnt to identify her different emotions and how to voice them in an appropriate way and that has helped her feel less frustrated and angry. I think you’ve done a really fab job to get her to this point. It feels unbelievable that a few months ago I used to pray for just one good day and now it’s very rare we have a bad one. These sessions are the best thing we’ve ever done :)”

Laura and Alice

In therapy you offered  the young man ‘structured therapy’. where you offered hope, collaboration, reduced  his mood, increased his self-efficacy and  his self esteem for individual. You provided  a ‘safe space’ for the young man to explore his  difficult emotions and talk about  both his school and homelife in a non- judgemental way. You provided the young person ‘freedom to fail’ and explored that  is okay to not be okay. 

The young person felt heard, respected and  validated and  you offered  a trusting and safe relationship to develop that enabled the young person to reduce his distressing symptoms. Well done.

Dr. William White- Clinical Supervisor

Sarah has helped me no end through a difficult time. The world needs more Sarah’s!

Ruby (16)

First off Sarah, can I just say how absolutely amazing you are at your job! Alice has came off the zoom call today with you, walking on sunshine! My mom noticed the difference in her straight away and asked me to pass on that she thinks you’re awesome!

From Laura, Alice’s mum. 

Feedback from her daughter Alice aged 7 years.

“Alice asked how many more times she could see you and I asked her if talking to you has helped her. Alice said “mom before we met Sarah my brain used to spin on a number 10 which means rapidly spinning but now it feels like a 0 like its normal and not going to spin at all”.

Alice (7)

I have recently finished counselling and I just wanted to say how my counsellor, Sarah, has been wonderful, trusting & understanding throughout. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today – happy and content with how I am living . It has been an journey and she has been amazing throughout it. I would recommend to anyone feeling depressed to come and have support from her as she has improved my well-being and will continue to do so with others.

Mya (16)

Not gonna lie, Sarah has helped me to change my life. Not all to sure what to write but if ever anyone needs a helping hand in life, she understands what it’s like. And she’s super friendly and down to earth, so that’s a bonus.

Beth (24)